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Bit of an update

Written by: site manager   On: 03rd Dec, 2016

 Signage will be placed in the reserve commenceing 4th December 2016.advising that the Committee are once again about to undertake a fox control program on the foreshore reserve.These control programs are carried to reduce predation by foxes on our native animals and nesting shore birds

The program will be conducted between 12th December to 22nd December 2016 using soft jaw leghold traps placed in the reserve during this period


I am sure you will all agree that the Foreshore is looking pretty overgrown at the moment thanks to the wet winter and vigorous growth of vegetation since the fires. 

The Committee are very conscious of how things are looking - the contractor who was to undertake work was not be able to do the job due to injury..

Over the next couple of weeks that will change. - with the picnic areas being the first focus.

Slashing of the access track through the reserve was booked late October - and we are in the queue, which at this time of year can get pretty long with high demand on all contractors to get roadsides, blocks and reserves slashed before Christmas..

The Committee after many years are now in a position where they can affored to employ a part time ranger, and he will start end of next week, We hope that his  presence in the reserve will deter some of the rubbish dumping and other activities.

Grafitti has been a major issue with the amenity blocks at Jacks Beach and Woolleys Beach Reserves both being targeted - and a lot of time has been spent by Committee members cleaning this off and painting over the grafitti time and time again.

The Committee are in the process of finalising plans to have the amenity blocks refurbished  -  work should start in the new year.

With the help of the community we hope that dumping rubbish and grafitti in the reserve and elswhere in Crib Point can be stopped.