Foreshore Fauna

The Crib Point Foreshore Reserve is an important biolink due to the diversity of habitat which supports a variety of species in the reserve. The reserve is home to some 129 species that includes 17 mammal, 12  reptile, 4 microbats, 4 frog , 5 fish,  89  bird.  A number are of local, State and National Significance. Fauna that have been identified in the reserve include Short-beaked Echidna, Black Wallaby,Common Ringtail and Brushtail Possums, Agile Antechinus, Koala, Sugar Glider,  Swamp Rat  and Southern Brown Bandicoot.

  • butterfly.jpg

    Imperial White Butterfly

  • jacky-lizard-800-533.jpg

    Jacky Lizard

  • heron.jpg

    Young Whitefaced Heron